Okara Max
Est 1996 - Now a leading UK stud.
Due to the quality of dogs here at Lyndhurst, many people are turning to this breed!
Dogs with no weakness !
Please note that dogs/pups are only sold for working livestock!

Lyndhurst is run by Kevin Reeves,I am a professional sheepdog trainer/shepherd who has been working Kelpies since 1993. Here at Lyndhurst we have throughout recent years of handpicked Australian imports,(from Milburn stud, Avenpart stud & Hawkesbury stud)   now arguably some of the best dogs in the country. Importing now is only for new bloodlines to continue the breeding program, the dogs at Lyndhurst are of the same standard to the very best dogs in Australia, now also currently being sourced by customers from Europe. All dogs sold from Lyndhurst are guaranteed to work ! My stud is situated in the county of Wiltshire, I am also privileged to be the current U.K. representative for the Working Kelpie Council of Australia. All enquiries welcome!
"A good kelpie will think and anticipate for itself"
Versatile- large gatherings,working sheep races
No need to keep different breeds!

Dogs/pups from Lyndhurst have been purchased by a Farmers Weekly sheep farmer of the year, and others that trial collies in the English National team.

Lyndhurst Kelpies Okara Max (You Tube)

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